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Chair/Co-Founder- Laura Wilkinson
Jennifer Keim Johansen
Jill Mills
Lynn Persinger
Rob Siracusano

Volunteer Staff

Co-Founder- Eriek Hulseman
Treasurer/Secretary- Edward H. Wilkinson, CPA

We have an all volunteer staff,
 therefore 100% of your donation will
go directly to the Foundation's mission.


Laura Wilkinson is the only woman in history to win a gold medal in every major  world competition in
platform diving—  2000 Olympic Games, 2004 World Cup and 2005 World Championships.  She has a love for her sport and a passion to see young athletes achieve their dreams.  This led Laura to create the Laura Wilkinson Foundation (LWF), an all-volunteer, non profit 501(c)3 organization.  LWF’s mission is to inspire the development of diving for young athletes to represent their community and country by providing advanced facilities and related programs.

The Woodlands Athletic Center ,where Laura trained her entire decorated diving career, closed its doors on January 1, 2009. So, the first goal of LWF is to build a world class facility for her team and community.

The building of this new facility has been a long time dream of Laura's diving coach, Kenny Armstrong, and it is an opportunity to take diving to the next level in this country.  It also presents the first ever combination of similar programs like gymnastics, trampoline, dance and baby swim.  Putting these activities together under one roof will enhance each of the programs and allow them to feed into each other, growing and excelling the athletes in the process.  Through national and international acclaim, Laura’s diving has already brought much recognition to the greater Houston area, and this new facility has the potential to bring in even more.

Become an active part of the effort to make this sports center a reality that will be known around the world and will take the children in our area to new heights!                                        



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